What is BioMap Alaska?



BioMap Alaska requests the assistance from citizens of Alaska in tracking the movement of species of interest across the state. Citizens use this website to Report Sightings and the reports are directly verified by the BioMap Alaska team and their network of Scientists. Confirmed sightings are added to the BioMap which can be viewed on this website.

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How to Get Involved


How To Get Involved

Help track Species of Interest within Alaska. Learn More


Calling All Scientists

BioMap Alaska is seeking qualified scientists to assist in confirming sightings. Learn More


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If you have seen one of the animals of interest, please share it with us. Your information will be invaluable to help us track the movements of these animals within the state. Report A Sighting

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Biomap Alaska. 2012. Confirmed Sightings Database. A joint product of the Alaska Sea Life Center, the University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center, and the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy. Available Online